Bring Pets to the Office for more productive Working

A pet can reduce stress levels at home. But while in office, increased levels of stress when faced with work piling up. The study found that stress levels can be reduced if accompanied karywan pets at work. Not only reduce stress, the study also found that employees are more productive if the work was accompanied by pets. The research was conducted in the manufacturing and retail service company in Greensboro, North Carolina for approximately 550 employees. Companies allow a maximum of 30 dogs were in the office every day.
During the week, researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University compared the levels of stress and job satisfaction of employees who bring their dogs into the workplace, employees who did not bring his dog into the workplace, and employees who do not have pets.
The researchers compared the levels of employee stress, job satisfaction, support and commitment to the company. Stress levels were measured by levels of stress hormones contained in the saliva samples during the day. In the morning, there was no difference among the three groups. But after noon, the stress levels of employees who accompanied the dog down, but increases to employees who do not have pets. Pet owners who do not bring dogs to work also increased levels of stress.
The researchers also noticed that the stress level increased significantly when pet owners leave their dogs at home than when brought into the workplace. In addition, other employees who interact with the dog to be more satisfied with their jobs.