Alternative Medicine Kidney Failure

Alternative Medicine Kidney Failure turns out we can get from herbal medicine .on this occasion I will discuss herbal medicine exstrak sea cucumbers as an alternative method of alternative medicine treatment of renal failure

Any increase in 100 mg of salt in the food, increasing 30 mg of calcium in the urine. Discharge calcium in the urine due to salt crystallization easier the formation of calcium binding by sodium urate. Person called hypercalciuria or urine calcium levels in the water reaches 200-350 mg per day. According to Dr. Ahmad Bi Utomo gas station, doctor Ali urological surgery, high salt levels in the blood cause efflorescence.”

To overcome efficacy of sea cucumber extract as alternative medicine, kidney stones prove by prof. Zaiton Hassan and M.A. Kiswandi of University Kebangsaan Malaysia. When we met in Kuala Lumpur. Zaiton said sea cucumber extracts not only contain collagen, but also rich in amino acids. Several amino acids in sea cucumbers are myristic, palmitic, palmitoleat, stearate, pleat, linoleic, arakhsidat, eicosapentaenat, behenat, erucic, and decosahexacnat.
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According to dr. Zen Djaja, M.D. in Malang, East Java, amino acids play a role in alternative medicine sea cucumbers improve the body’s metabolism so it does not happen deposition of kidney stones. Alternative medicine Sea cucumber extract to help work urikase aka urate oxidase enzyme that is not formed calcium crystals. Calcium crystals insoluble in water and accumulate in the kidneys. With the help of urikase enzymes, uric acid is converted into allantoin and soluble in water, then out bersarna urine.
In short, Alternative medicine prevents establishment amino acid crystals. However, the most influential compound is eicosapentaenat or 25.69% EPA and DHA docosahexaenat acid 3.69%. EPA value indicates the speed of sea cucumbers repair damaged tissue and prevents establishment inflammatory prostaglandins high.

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“Alternative Medicine Sea cucumbers contain nine types of carbohydrates, 59 fatty acids, 19 amino acids, 25 vitamins components, 10 minerals, and 5 sterols. All united to build immunity and repair damaged cells. Preventing kidney stones is better to come. Among others by consuming at least 2 liters of water a day. Alternative medicine Avoid foods rich in oxalates such as spinach, mustard greens, powdered chocolate, and nuts. (Faiz Yajri)