lung and meaning

The lungs are the organs of the respiratory system (respiratory) and is associated with the circulatory system (circulation) with air-breathing vertebrates. Its function is to exchange oxygen from air with carbon dioxide from the blood. The process is called "external respiration" or breathing. The lungs also have nonrespirasi function. Medical terms related to the lung often begin in the pulmonary-, from the Latin word pulmones to the lungs.
Other respirator: trachea, bronchus, bronkhiolus-bronkhiolus terminal, vestibule (porch), infundibulum-alveoli. Each lung is covered by serous membrane in 2 of the pleura.
lung, mean of lung, lung deases
developing lung deflated, inhale and exhale (breathe). With lungs that breathe to form and organize Chi-energy, suction assisted lung or kidney is supported by the suction power so that the lungs will be have a power press down and power spread.
With these two forces of the lungs can helps blood circulation and body fluid balance. Body fluids under the influence of transportation resources and the nature of hate Spleen piping up the middle of the abdomen
Physiological functions:

Control lungs and respiratory Chi-energy, relate to the outside through the nose, smell and sound mastered the lungs so if the smell is sharp and loud sound means the lungs in a healthy condition. Sense of smell is also affected spleen, when Chi weak lungs will clog your nose.
Organize, distribute and decrease in body fluids including urine and sweat. First of all lung fluids circulate throughout the body through the skin, melembabkanya and regulate the opening and closing of the pores in the framework of mechanization transpiration.
The lungs control the skin and fur loss and spread the liquid nutrients to the body surface (skin) so it looks radiant and regulate the opening and closing the pores.
Spleen accommodate the reaction products, therefore treating the lungs do not forget to treat the Spleen.
Sadness, grief, suspicion and pessimism is an emotion that affects and is affected lungs.
Spicy flavor is needed to develop its function.(wikipedia)(evilafadly : lung and chi power)